WINTER IS COMING but Fall is first, here's what you need to know & what to look out for to complete your Fall Flannel Grunge look

There's a few staples to every Men's and Women's Fall Flannel Fashion, these are absolute MUST HAVES for the vintage seeker.
When you're at your local vintage shop, thrift store, second hand boutique or Salvation Army make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them. They are..

  • Woolrich
    • classic workwear brand started in 1830 in, what else but of course, Woolrich, PA
    • Their heavy, sturdy and warm box cut shirts and fall jackets became a favorite in the 40's and 50's for farmers and sport hunters alike
    • In the 70's they hit their second big boom when camping became an American pastime making the Woolrich brand a go to
  • Pendleton
    • In the other side of the states in Portland, OR a rival brand began in 1863
    • Pendleton was known for their vintage Native American inspired blankets and British-Americana mixed styled work wear shirts
    • In the late 20's they began producing their classic hunting shirts and by the 40's they had become a favorite for the US Army and sportsmen alike