Custom Design & Styling

Vivant Vintage formerly offered in-house tailoring for all your mending and tailoring needs. However, our in house tailor Emmy Sawich has switched her focus and you can find her capsule collection in Vivant Vintage. Emmy Sawich is an independant Fashion Designer based in Lower Allston. Please direct inquiries for custom designs to Emmy.


Prop and Costume Rental

Our Vintage and Antique collection is available for professional use. Rental minimum is a total of $225 and the renter is to pay one third; a minimum of $75.

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The Vivant Team is also able to source props and costumes of any kind on demand.



We are here to assess you and all of your needs including the always daunting task of styling.
We can work with you to secure a wardrobe that will fit any of your engagements and events, let it be for special occasions or the day to day hustle of the Boston lifestyle.
Please contact us for an appointment or stop by the store to chat with us and figure out what we can help you with.